‘Four Mistakes College Graduates Make’ Offers Great Advice

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Whenever I want to see the state of affairs for newcomers at a job, I ask people I know who have been with the same company or in the same career field for an extensive amount of time. I’m fortunate to know people in a myriad of careers who are willing to share their annoyances about ‘younger workers.’


I particularly like when things my friends and colleagues say match perfectly with expert advice on the subject. It shows that one can be successful (not only at a job but within an office atmosphere) by taking heed to what others have experienced. After all, it is wise to listen to advice from people who have been there before you. This is universal: I tell this to my students as well as recent college graduates.


When I came across this article, I was pleased to share it with my readers. I find that all too often young people don’t want to appear aloof, so they trudge along acting like they understand everything. This is a delicate balance. I recommend that you ask for help using clarifying questions. This shows that you are trying to do your best and take advice of superiors. However, if you wait for direction on even the smallest tasks, managers may think that you lack initiative.


Though all the tips are good, the one that resonates with me is young people who think they are ‘above’ entry-level work. Not only does this turn off potential-employers, it will burn bridges if you’re working. Co-workers and managers alike will be turned off by the superiority complex and patience will grow thin if you are unwilling to put in time and effort to grow at a company. Do yourself a favor and realize that there are no shortcuts in your career. Put in the work and good things will happen!


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