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Surfing the web I came across something a little bit different for this week. Ever wonder how past college graduates have fared in the post-college career hunt? How things have changed over the years in the job markets? Well the Lawrence Journal-World published this article in April of 1973 as the U.S. was coming out of a recession and things were looking up up up for college grads going into the working world.

The article was based on the findings of a report released by the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education and had some very interesting things to say, such as:

“Women will have fewer teaching opportunities then in the past, but more opportunities in the health care, and college-educated black women will be among the most favored prospective employes in all fields.”

The report goes on to “urge the nation's youth” to;

“Seek broad college training rather then specialization in college, unless they have a carefully chosen goal in mind.”

“Step out after high school or while in college both to try out occupational interests and to get experience that can help a person gain experience useful in getting a job later.”

“Decide carefully if they really want to go to college or not; look at alternatives to college.”

I found it so odd that the race of the potential applicant was openly discussed in their report. It just shows how much has changed in forty-ish years in not just the job market but the world. With so much stress on workplace equality now gender and race have become taboo subjects, but has it really changed or are people just not talking about it anymore?

Their list of “urgings” to the youth of the nation seem to make sense. Have the tips they listed lost any of their common sense appeal? Do they still apply to students entering college and leaving high school now?

I'd love to hear your opinion!

By Jodi Sonoda

Jodi has been blogging for over 3 years, and is excited to currently be blogging with Nexxt for collegejobbank.com. She also has her own mini and micro biography writing business and creates unique fascinators in her spare time. She is attached to the internet at the hip and enjoys the constant connection. She spends most of her offline time playing dolls and reading picture books with her three year old. You can also occasionally find her rocking the mic at karaoke night.


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