2010 R&D 100 Award Winners Announced

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R&D Magazine magazine publishes a yearly list of the 100 greatest technological innovations of the previous year, handed out continuously since 1963, called the R&D 100 Awards. This year, they selected the best of the best, singling out three incredible breakthroughs for notable inclusion at the top.

The complete list of winners is available at R&D Magazine’s website, as linked above, but here’s a brief rundown of the winners that caught my eye:

  • Applied Nanotech Inc. for their Cu-iJ70 Ink, containing copper nanoparticles with a consistent average diameter of 50 nanometers. This copper-bearing ink paves the way for advanced printed-circuit fabrication techniques using existing inkjet printing hardware.
  • Volumetric Accuracy for Large Machine Tools, for their pioneering methodology for the calibration of (as it says) large machine tools, increasing their accuracy through the entire working envelope.
  • Frito Lay North America, for creating compostable packaging for their SunChips line of snacks.
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories for GATOR, which stands on the entry's name alone: A Diagnostic System Designed to Capture Sequential Images of a Miniature Star in Trillionth’s of a Second
The three technologies singled out were MIT’s Mobility Lab and their Leveraged Freedom Chair, LLNL and Porifera Inc. and their Ultrapermeable Carbon Nanotube Membranes, and 3M Corporation for shaped-grain abrasives in their newest metalworking belts and discs.


As always, more information is available at the R&D 100 Awards website.


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