2011 Engineering School Rankings

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If you’re considering a career in engineering, you might be interested in knowing which engineering schools ranked at the top in 2011.

In this tight job market, engineering firms will have their pick of graduates looking for that first job. And that means employers will start with candidates from the top schools. So who’s at the top for 2011? The list according to US News & World Report graduate school rankings:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). About 45 percent of all graduate students at MIT are enrolled in the School of Engineering. There are about 20 research centers on campus, which explore everything from cancer to soldier nanotechnologies.

Stanford University. With 65 centers and labs across campus, students can get involved in research projects, and many companies in Silicon Valley offer internship and learning opportunities for graduate students.

University of California Berkeley. The College of Engineering has about 40 research centers and institutes. Students can opt for the accelerated Berkeley Engineering Professional Master’s Program, which graduates students in just one year.

Georgia Institute of Technology. Extensive degree options include over 20 areas of specialty--from medical physics to aerospace engineering. Their industrial engineering and biomedical engineering programs are highly ranked. Several master’s degree offerings include dual programs with universities abroad.

University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign. With over 50 research centers and institutes, the school has spent close to $200 million on research. Advanced degree offerings include Financial Engineering and Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering.

Carnegie-Mellon University. They offer study and research programs in Chile, Portugal and Japan. There’s also an accelerated master’s program in Engineering and Technology Innovation Management, which takes a year to complete.

California Institute of Technology (Cal-Tech). Students can earn a master of science in a year, or a special engineer’s degree in aeronautical, civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering in two years. Students can get involved in on-campus research centers, like the Center for the Science and Engineering of Materials and the Center for Neuromorphic Systems.

The rankings were virtually the same when it came to the best graduate schools for computer and electrical engineering. View the full rankings here.

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