5 Tips to Change Browsers Into Buyers

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Whether you're running a brick and mortar store or maintaining a retail website, a great deal of traffic in your space is a positive thing. However, your shop is only as successful as your sales record. Consider these five tips to turn browsers into buyers.

1. Make the Store Easy to Navigate

The customers' time is valuable, so don't make them search all over for what they want or need. In a physical location, hang prominent signs over each aisle to let browsers know what they can find there. If you're running a virtual storefront, turn browsers into buyers by using a large, easy-to-read font with clear labels and helpful icons to inform customers where to find the product or services they're seeking.

2. Make Use of Color

The psychology of color plays a big role in a consumer's decision to make a purchase, and you can use it to your advantage to turn browsers into buyers. This applies to packaging, in-store displays, advertisements, website designs and more. Red and black are attractive to impulse shoppers, while teal and Navy blue tones attract the budget-conscious buyers. If you're creating a retail website for women's fashion, choose colors such as pink or light blue to attract your target audience.

3. Don't Force the Membership

It's a smart idea to offer a membership program that gives customers incentive to join and keep coming back to your store, but making this a mandatory step to make a purchase can turn customers off. Some customers want to make their purchase without providing personal information, so offer the membership in a retail location, but don't force the issue if a customer isn't interested. The same principle goes for online sellers; allow consumers the option to check out as a guest without creating an account.

4. Ask the Right Questions

Another way to turn browsers into buyers is to help customers determine exactly what their need is and recommend the product or service to suit that need. Ask questions such as "Have you purchased a similar product before?" or "What are your concerns about purchasing this service?" If you're running a retail website, provide a customer service chat option to address customer concerns quickly.

5. Get Rid of Clutter

Turn browsers into buyers by keeping your physical or virtual retail location clean and clutter-free. In a store, make sure shelves are well-stocked, aisles are clear and music is at an appropriate volume. For a website, avoid annoying pop-up ads, cluttered graphics and overbearing fonts.

Your storefront — whether brick and mortar or online — can only make a profit if you're actually making sales. Use these five tips to turn browsers into buyers and make your business more successful.

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