5 Ways How to Be a More Effective Construction Manager

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Working with people today can be challenging to say the least. Different ethnic groups, age groups, and education levels all add to the conundrum of effectively managing people in the construction industry.

Here are five good tips for being a better manager in today’s world. If you have a job in construction management, and you use these ideas, they can help you be a better leader. When you become a better leader, it is surprising how you seem to attract and keep better employees.

1. Be a Learner – When you keep yourself on a learning curve, you will find new ideas coming to you that can be readily implemented. It is amazing how knowledge can be put into action when you have it at your fingertips. Someone once said, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” It can also be said, “When the construction manager is ready, the right book will appear.”

2. Admit When You Are Wrong – There is nothing more ridiculous than a manager who refuses to admit his or her mistakes. Most people who work for this individual will know when a mistake has been made. It takes a big person who can admit to a mistake. When a manager admits his or her mistakes and then corrects them, it builds trust and respect.

3. Give Your Employees a Good Reputation to Live Up To – No one likes to work for a construction manager who is constantly criticizing him or her. Criticism makes people feel spiteful and defensive. When you are tempted to criticize an employee, look for alternative ways of correcting the behavior you seek to change without destructive criticism. When a manager constantly uses criticism with his or her employees, it can be a sign of low self esteem and an inferiority complex.

4. Encourage Your Employees to Develop Their Professional Skills- When you encourage your employees to develop a continual learning plan, you are helping them tap their full potential. Most employees want to develop their professional life skills. When you can guide them with a structure that will allow them to do that, you will increase their ability to learn and their respect for you as a leader.

5. Take Time to Know Your Employees as Human Beings – When you take the time to get to know your people on a less formal basis, you create the opportunity for them to know you. By doing this, it creates a stronger bond and allows that individual to communicate with you on a more humanistic level. There is more to work then just working. People like to be treated as real human beings who have feelings.

Tom Borg is a consultant in leadership management, team building and customer service. Please see more of his blogs at constructionjobforceblog.com and businessworkforceblog. You can view additional job postings at Nexxt

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