5 Ways for Overcoming Obstacles

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Maintaining the role of an administrative assistant comes with challenges. Not only are you tasked with multiple duties, but you are also responsible for keeping the office running smoothly. Obstacles are inevitable, but by learning to cultivate a calm work environment, you can overcome the bumps in the road and stay motivated.

1. Remain Positive

Although it is difficult to keep a smile on your face when you're overwhelmed with work or facing strict deadlines as an administrative assistant, a positive attitude can help you weather the storm. Find ways to appreciate the bad days as much as you can by focusing on positive outcomes. Your cheery disposition and can-do attitude can be contagious, which ultimately helps to calm the rest of the office when obstacles appear.

2. Be Realistic

Remember that some obstacles within your job are out of your control. When a client request changes the workflow or a supervisor needs additional help, instead of complaining about how unfair or difficult the task at hand is, focus on strategies to get the job done. The role of an administrative assistant changes frequently, so consider the benefits of each obstacle and accept that you cannot control the future.

3. Tackle the Small Jobs

A large project or goal can seem overwhelming at first, but face this obstacle strategically. Break up the large job into small tasks, so you can feel as if you are making headway with each item you cross off your to-do list. Compartmentalizing your daily workload this way gives you a sense of progress, so you can tackle each small task with renewed vigor and positivity.

4. Seek to Overcome Challenges

It is tempting to dwell on the difficulty of each task when overwhelmed with your work as an administrative assistant, but if you wallow in despair, your performance suffers, as well as the overall cohesiveness of the work environment. View yourself as a professional who can overcome any type of challenge, and approach your work with a can-do attitude. When you change your mind set about your abilities, your performance and your productivity improve.

5. Identify Your Importance

Not only can a positive attitude help you accomplish your daily tasks — it can help you see how your contributions benefit the company, as well. Assess how important you are to the firm's overall success when you are feeling diminished by obstacles. When you find your purpose and importance as an administrative assistant, you can accomplish just about anything when the pressure is on.

Obstacles are a normal part of any job, but as an administrative assistant, seated at the helm of the company, you may notice the challenges more often. To increase your motivation and maintain momentum, focus on your accomplishments and remember that the work you contribute each day impacts the firm's productivity and profits in a positive manner.

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