8 ways to keep cash in your pocket

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  1. Check your tire pressure - Not only is it safer to have properly inflated tires, it will increase your gas mileage. Air might not be free at gas stations anymore but it doesn’t cost a cent to use the pressure gauge to see if you’re a little low.

  2. Clean the junk out of your trunk – Weighing down your car with excess baggage burns up your gas faster. Clean the clutter out. You’ll save money and you won’t have to hide should a potential employer scope your ride.

  3. Make a list and check it twice – If you know what you need you’re more likely to get what you need and get out. Going to the store hungry or without a list will lead to aimless wandering and impulse buying causing you to wonder why in the world you bought 3 packs of Funions.

  4. Shop several stores – Different stores offer different bargains. Watch online circulars to see which store has discounted prices for the things on your list. If it’s something that you purchase frequently stock up while the getting is good.

  5. Buy generic – Whether it’s food, clothes or medicine, odds are the generic version will suffice, certain personal products -Kraft Macaroni and Cheese excluded.

  6. Don’t fear the shears - Learn how to cut your own hair, or at least keep it trimmed between appointments and save a bundle at the stylist. If you’re too scared to DIY ask around, someone’s cousin, niece, brother, auntie, etc. probably has a booth in their basement for less than the strip mall salon.

  7. Shop at Pawn Shops – They’re not just for buying stuff, they sell it too. Pawn shops have jewelry, electronics, movies, games, and music for second hand prices but offer piece of mind with a warranty on your purchase.

  8. Eat Breakfast – Eating breakfast will fend off binge eating later. Starting off with the most important meal of the day will keep your snack pile stocked so you don’t need to make an emergency Funion run in the afternoon.

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By Heather Fairchild - Heather is a writer and blogger for Nexxt. She researches and writes about job search tactics, training, and topics.


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