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Not that long ago, I wrote about new and innovative ways to stand out when searching for a job. With advancements in technology, it seems that most college students or recent graduates are navigating the web to find the perfect internship or entry-level position.

I found many 'video resumes' on sites like YouTube  and interactive job boards are helpful, but I noticed SparkPeople today and found it to be progressive.

According to a press release, this recently-launched company aims to help younger people get a foot in the door by providing a free online profile. Users then upload a profile video that employers can access. I think this tool can be truly helpful for people who haven't gone on interviews or those who are applying aimlessly to jobs to no avail. If nothing else, it puts a face to your resume. When companies are reviewing hundreds of potential employees, it's crucial to stand out.

Since this is not a social network, you don't have to worry about random people viewing your profile. You can set up job alerts based on what you are interested in and employers can search you, too. Then, you may have the opportunity to have a live interview with the company.

All this and you don't have to leave your desk? It sounds like it's worth a shot.

Have you tried using an interactive site such as this? Have you had success? Leave me a comment below and check out more jobs across the Nexxt Career Network.


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