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The 18-year-old creator of the WorldState app, Patrick Finnegan, argues that many members of the millennial generation have a compelling desire to improve the world around them, but they know very little about the current state of the world. Consider the number of ways the WorldState app teaches millennials about the world around them and empowers them to change it.

Keeping Youth Up-to-Date

More youth have a growing desire to read relevant societal information and find out more about the state of world affairs, and the WorldState app is perfect for keeping them up-to-date on current matters. On a planet where significant events happen every day, the WorldState app helps youth to focus on current issues, so they can learn how to make a bigger impact. The app also allows readers to select the news stories they want to follow, and the latest story developments are sent to their smartphones.

Encouraging Youth to Get Involved

While the app informs millennials, it also can be used as an aid to inspire youth to do better. When they read gripping stories about war, world hunger, politics and crusades sparking global change, millennials learn about issues that are in dire need of attention and support. In addition, noble causes and worldwide issues that need exposure can get into the minds of young people everywhere through the WorldState app, and informed youth can become involved where it counts.

Offering a Better Perspective

Without a doubt, convenience and simplicity are key to communicating well with millennials. Finnegan states that most news apps host articles that are too lengthy, regurgitate old news stories or lack pertinent information. The WorldState app teaches millennials about the world and puts it into a language and format that is on a understandable, user-friendly level. The home page has a list of popular news topics that link to valid, concise articles. The news app also offers basic introductions on a variety of trending topics, so youth can get up to speed quickly in a variety of subjects.

Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs

Not only does the WorldState app inform youth and inspire them to be proactive members of society, but its mere existence is a true testimony to others in the generation. The young inventor of the app proves that millennials can be creative, make an impact on the world and contribute positively with the use of modern technology.

More than three quarters of youth today possess a desire to change the world for the better, and the WorldState app is an excellent resource to inform those who want to make real changes happen. Through this app, youth are armed with enough information to help them stay informed and make a difference in their world.


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