Are You Missing Out on Jobs in Your Own Company?

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A lot of companies prefer to promote from within, and you may be missing out on several opportunities for promotion throughout the year. If you are looking to further your career and want to do more within your company, make sure you aren't missing out on job opportunities that may be right in front of you. Here are a few ways you can see if there are positions available for the taking.

Look for Openings

You may not know there are job opportunities opening up around your company because you keep to yourself and do the work that you are required to handle. Check the company website and employment opportunities regularly or set up a Google alert. This will show management that you have the drive and ambition to climb and strive within the company.

Also talk with your manager about taking on more responsibility, getting on special projects, or about openings, as he may be able to recommend you for a job that hasn’t been advertised as open yet.

Keep an Up-to-Date Resume

Are you handling important projects at work or reaching high sales volumes? Keep your resume updated and highlight all of the great things you’re doing in your career every couple of months. Your resume will also be ready when you see that there are job opportunities opening within the company or when another employment opportunity comes your way.


You have to apply to get the job, and you’ll want to let your manager or supervisor know that you submitted an application. This lets him know that you are interested in other job opportunities around the company, but use careful language so as not to communicate a desire to leave the company. If he understands you are dedicated to the company, a supervisor may be willing to help you get the position.

Use Internal References

Use internal references on your resume and ask for internal recommendations. It helps to have other managers or supervisors state that you are qualified for the job that you want, and it will be easy for HR or the hiring manager to check your references.

Be Persistent

Don’t just give up if you don't get the job opportunity that you want the first time you apply. Keep applying for openings that interest you to let your employer know you are serious about growing with them and that you are there to stay.

If you are tired of the job that you do every day and you feel that you have more to offer your employer, stay on top of the job opportunities within the company so you can excel your career. Promote yourself and your professional skills regularly so others around you can see your qualifications, and what you have to offer.


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