Avoid These 6 Job Search Mistakes

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Whether you're just starting out in your career field or your looking for an employment change, the job search can be an incredibly frustrating process. When you feel like you're putting in countless hours and getting nowhere, it may be time to look at your job search methods. Be sure you're not making one of these six mistakes.

1. Using Only One Method

Don't limit your job search to a few online job portals. Use multiple methods to send out resumes and get your name out there. Attend local job fairs to meet industry professionals, and reach out to former colleagues who might know of vacant positions. Use social media sites such as LinkedIn to find out about job openings, or consider working through a recruitment agency.

2. Employing a Wide Search

While your search methods should be far-reaching, the scope of your search should be more narrowly defined. Think about your career goals and the experience you have. Decide what type of position you're seeking, and limit your search to employers within your chosen industry. An aimless job search is a surefire way to burn out quickly.

3. Applying for the Wrong Positions

Apply only for positions that match your experience, qualifications and skill set. Don't waste your time and energy applying for jobs when you clearly don't match the description of what the employer is seeking. Be sure to check the educational requirements listed on the job posting to ensure you meet the minimum requirements.

4. Sending Mediocre Materials

Take a second look at the cover letters and resumes you're sending out to potential employers. Make sure each cover letter you send is customized for the position for which you're applying, and check your resume for errors. List references who speak highly of you; be sure to ask their permission before including them on your reference list.

5. Overwhelming the Hiring Manager

If you send a resume that includes too much information, the hiring manager isn't likely to read the whole thing. Try to limit the document to one page. Remove any personal information, such as hobbies and non-professional interests. Don't list jobs that are unrelated to the position for which you're applying.

6. Interviewing Poorly

If you're lucky enough to score an interview, don't let your job search stall there. Dress professionally, and pay attention to your body language. Never speak negatively about past bosses, colleagues or employers, and don't focus too much on yourself. Demonstrate how your skills can benefit the potential employer.

If you're feeling drained while seeking new employment, it's time to evaluate your job search methods and make adjustments where necessary. Job seekers who fall prey to these six mistakes may find themselves exhausted by the job search with no promising leads.

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