Career Rejection Is Not About You

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Not getting what you want in your career these days?

Are the resumes you've been sending not getting a response? Are your phone calls or e-mail not getting replies? Are your attempts to leave a job that may be eliminated not making a difference?

Today's job market is tough. It is easy to become frustrated and disappointed when you are working hard and not seeing results. It is ok to be discouraged. It is not ok to let your discouragement stand in your way.

If you are upset about your career on a daily basis, you are probably taking it personally. You are making what you believe are NO's mean that you did something wrong. The truth is that the people on the other end of your e-mail or voice messages are just as overwhelmed as you. They have less people on their team (since employees like you are gone) and they are having trouble keeping up with all they have to do. In many cases, they are not getting back to you because they simply do not have the time to respond. Or in other words, it is not about you.

So What Can You Do To Shift Your Thinking So That You Can Be Motivated, Focused, And On Track?

1. Leave Yourself Out Of It

No response does not mean your resume was prepared incorrectly, you are too old, you don't have the proper experience, you don't know the right people, etc. No response means that the person you tried to contact did not get back to you. Stop making it mean more than that.

2. Acknowledge That The Responses Stopped When You Stopped

The only difference between you and the people who are getting what they want, is they kept moving and you didn't. It probably began innocently. You became frustrated, so you took a break. When you took a break, things started to slow down. So, you became resigned and you told yourself there was no point in trying since it wouldn't make a difference anyway. Soon, your goal was too big, too hard, or too overwhelming. Then, you stopped completely or your efforts became hollow and unproductive. Take responsibility for stopping. This is the first step to starting again.

3. Get Back Into Action

If you recognize that people are busy with other responsibilities, and they are not rejecting you personally, you can begin moving again. Just like in sales, contacting people is a numbers game. Trust that sooner or later the numbers will work in your favor. If you wait until you feel like getting back into action, you will be waiting a long time. It does not matter how you feel. Get back into action, because you promised yourself you would.

4. Stop Dealing With Your Career By Yourself

Do you want your pride to stand in the way of a career you love? I meet too many people who believe they are deficient because they cannot tackle obstacles on their own. Life is about getting results through people. It is not about overcoming challenges alone. There are people in your life who want to contribute to you. Will you find the courage to let them?

The best approach you can take is an objective one. Stop listening to the reasons that you can't have what you want. Focus on what you want, and don't stop until you get it. 


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