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If you're fresh out of high school, a recent college graduate or an adult with little or no job experience, crafting a professional resume can be tough. But don't get discouraged. Entry-level positions are designed for people in your situation, and many hiring managers want workers who can grow within the company. Follow these tips when creating your resume if you want hiring managers to take notice and give you a chance.

1. Create a Compelling Career Objective

Many professionals in the resume-writing industry believe that career objectives are obsolete, but this is not necessarily true. An objective statement is still necessary for those who don't have much job experience. This statement lets the employer know exactly what you want to accomplish within the organization. You can also use this statement to explain how your background and personality align with the position. An objective statement is typically one sentence long, but it's perfectly okay for a person with no job experience to create a career objective statement that's two to three sentences in length.

In your statement, indicate you're "enthusiastic about starting your career" or "excited about the company's extensive training program." Explain what you're able to do for the employer and how the job is the perfect starting point for your career. Once you get a bit of experience under your belt, you can swap the objective statement for a career summary.

2. Create a Detailed Education Section

As a new professional with little job experience, it's essential to make the education section of your resume as detailed as possible. Employers need to know you can handle your responsibilities and work efficiently, and showing you were a hard-working, dedicated, well-performing student is one way to do this. If you had a high GPA, list it on your resume, along with the advanced placement classes you took in high school or the rigorous courses you took in college. Also, describe the different clubs you participated in, the athletic teams you joined and the student publications you helped to create. This information lets employers know you're a well-rounded individual.

3. List Your Relevant Skills and Achievements

If you have minimal job experience, include a skills and achievements section on your resume. Look at the qualifications and required skills listed in the job description, and describe the experiences you have that are relevant to the position. If you regularly sell items online and advertise merchandise using Google's advertising platform, a company looking for entry-level online marketers with experience in Google Ads might be interested. In the achievements section, list the various things you achieved that communicate your ability to lead, organize or resolve problems. For example, list your experience with organizing a successful fundraising event or organizing a school dance. If you don't have any relevant skills or experience, consider volunteering for a company within your industry, and list this company on your resume.

Never let your lack of work experience keep you from applying for a job. Hiring managers are generally receptive to candidates with little-to-no job experience if they show great promise, so follow these tips when creating your resume to impress employers and boost your chances of landing a position.

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