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Just a few years ago, saying good bye to your cable company would have been unfathomable, but today, millions of consumers have turned to streaming services as an alternative to traditional television. With à la carte options ever expanding, the idea of kissing expensive cable bills good bye appeals to various households. Before you take the plunge and cut the cord, however, take a moment to explore whether it makes sense for you.

First, recognize that most streaming services don't allow you to watch television shows when they air live. If you are a rabid sports fan or simply cannot image watching your favorite sitcom the day after it airs, cutting the cord might prove problematic. Fortunately, you can combat this issue to some degree by investing in an HD antenna for viewing live programming from the largest networks and public access stations.

To fully experience the potential of cutting the cord, you need to invest in a set-top box that accesses content from the web. A number of manufacturers offer these products, including Amazon, Apple and Google. The box syncs with your subscription streaming services and mirrors the content onto your television screen. You need a box or device for every television in your home you wish to use for streaming content.

When it comes to content itself, you must decide what streaming services best meet your family's needs. Industry leaders like Netflix and Hulu offer affordable solutions for watching many of your favorite network shows and films. Some channels also offer apps for the various streaming devices, meaning you can access content from the channel without a subscription. While some homeowners find it necessary to pay for multiple streaming channels, you might find one or two largely sufficient. After all, many cable subscribers report regularly watching just 10 channels out of their lineup.

You should keep the amount you pay on monthly cable bills firmly in mind before signing up to multiple streaming services and purchasing boxes for every television in your home. While plenty of consumers ultimately save money by cutting the cord, it is easy to rack up charges by subscribing to every streaming option available. Carefully monitor your expenses to keep your spending in check, or you might discover cutting the cord is not as advantageous as you initially assumed.

Cutting the cord offers an affordable solution for many modern consumers eager to say good-bye to expensive cable costs. Take the time to carefully consider the options available to you, and get comfortable with a slightly altered viewing pattern via streaming services. If you ultimately find you feel ready to make the shift, you could easily reduce your monthly bills without sacrificing the content you love.

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