Despite the Recession, Millenials are Optimistic

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Recent reports from the Pew Research Center show that despite a bleak economy, the millenial generation (which is often defined as people born after 1980) is still optimistic about finding a job and having a successful future.

This mindset is important when facing an economy that doesn't appear to be getting any stronger. Reports show that only 54 percent of adults ages 18-24 are employed and that wages have dropped 6 percent. It's a sad state of affairs for young people who grew up thinking opportunities were limitless and that a college degree would bring about a secure and stable life. It's even more upsetting that those of older generations deem that millenials don't want to work for anything and rely on luck to achieve success. This is an unfair assessment that has been stated repeatedly in the past few years.

You may wonder where the optimism comes in for this generation (of which I am a part). The Pew Research Center reports that while 60 percent of adults ages 18-34 don't think they have enough money now, they believe they will have enough in the future. This is the same percentage as 2004, which was before the recession.

Why are these findings so important? In my opinion, a large amount of optimism shows that this generation is resilient. Many young workers have chosen to go back to school for an advanced degree or job training, while others have taken unpaid jobs to learn a new skill or second jobs to pay bills. Perhaps we can deem them generation hopeful?

You can read the Pew Social Trends report here.

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