Developing Your Career from the Ground Up

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If you’re just graduating from college, or deciding to enter the workforce after spending your adult years involved in other projects, then you have the benefit many others don’t: building your career from the ground up.

For some, this prospect may sound scary – especially if they’re in the midst of a career that has been rocky all along the way. But if you take your time to plan your prospective career – as well as alternatives – before you get started, you should be able to make rather smooth transitions along the way until you reach your ultimate goal. Let’s look at how you can get this done …

Decide What You Like

One of the most important ways to obtain fulfillment in your career is by first deciding what it is that you like. Many people have no idea what they would like to do with their lives, and this is totally understandable. Some people have always obediently followed the decisions of their parents. Others may have been forced to choose a path in college after too many years being “undecided.” Luckily, no matter the predicament, it is never too late to choose.

The easiest way to decide what you like is by creating a list of the things you love to do for no money at all. If you’re having a hard time coming up with a list, you can complete personality tests like the Ansir Self-Perception test, through which you will answer questions to help you determine your strengths. It will also offer careers you may be best suited to take on.

Choose Your Career(s)

Once you’ve created a list – or completed a personality test – your next step is to see what careers fall in line with your passions. For instance, you may absolutely love math and find that being an accountant, bookkeeper, or even math teacher may fall in line with what you love. Or you may love animals and find that you may be able to work in the veterinary world, on a farm, or even as a zookeeper. If your college degree is not compatible with your passion, that’s okay. It will just be your job to determine what steps you’ll need to take to make your dream a reality.

Create Your Plan – Get Where You Want to Be

Once you have determined more than one option for your career path, your next step can be to look more thoroughly at each one then create a plan that determines how far you want to get on each path (Director of Public Relations, Vice President of Sales, etc.). Next you would look at potential routes you can take to achieve your goal, including the number of years you would invest in each position along the way. You can research the strongest employment opportunities and history of economical strengths with each option. And of course, make room for flexibility in the event that you become dissatisfied with your career or want to make plans around your family.

Developing your career from the ground up can require a lot of soul searching. But it’s a great way to find yourself – and your career. So don’t be afraid to tackle this task. You’ll find that your career success will likely be much easier to obtain with a plan in place.


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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks so much for the comments. It's such a change of perspective to consider selecting and developing your career from the bottom up. It makes sense, though, because knowing what you want, doing the research and planning a course is the very best way to attempt to reach your destination.
  • Chubby
    You're the greatest!
    i read this article, and i wanted to recommend this website, it talks about the importance of loving what you do, staying motivated and building up your career.I hope u have time to read it.

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