Developing Your Personal Unique Factor

Nancy Anderson
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Did you know that there is not another living person on the entire planet that is just like you? That’s right; you are truly unique. Your genetic make up and the environment that you were raised in, interact to make you different from anyone else. Yes, there may be similarities, but, no one else in this world looks or thinks exactly like you.

So, how do we use this to our advantage when looking for a new job? Simple; first we need to become aware of some of the personal qualities we possess that employers are seeking in the people they hire. For example, are we enthusiastic, determined, caring, decisive, detail oriented , people oriented? One way to find out is to write down on a sheet of paper some of the strengths you possess. Identify the qualities that would make you attractive to the job you are seeking. Another way to discover some of your professional attributes is ask three other people who have known you for more than two years. Ask them to identify a few of your personal qualities that make you stand out.

Once you have compiled a list, become familiar with these characteristics. Practice talking about them in non-boastful ways. For example, when asked by an interviewer what makes you a good candidate for the job for which you are applying, you could say something like “My previous employers have told me I am hard working, consciousness and that I make sure the job gets done right”.

The key here is identify the qualities that you truly possess and learn how to convey them in a way that is convincing and sincere. When you do this, you are well on your way to developing and communicating your unique factor.

By Tom Borg ©2010

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