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While Facebook is great for socializing with friends and family around the globe, this social networking site is increasingly becoming more important as a professional networking site. As such, there are now some interesting apps on Facebook that are of use to networking professionals.
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Hire My Friend App
For people who enjoy helping others professionally, there is a great Facebook app called Hire My Friend that you should consider using. More specifically, this app permits you to display a Facebook friend’s career information on your profile. In turn, your network can help your friend to find a job if there is a match available. Your personal Facebook network can then add this contact as a friend on Facebook and/or send them a message directly. Besides this service though, Hire My Friend also offers resources that include the latest Twitter job postings, job link lists, and humorous career-related information.


TwitterTab App
This useful app allows you the option of adding up to eight Twitter account feeds, under one tab, to your Facebook profile. For convenience purposes, the Twitter stream refreshes every three minutes. Further, twitter feed customizations are also included with this app. While this TwitterTab app is a simple one, it is a remarkably effective and functional one.


Extended Info App
This handy app allows you to add additional categories beyond the activities, interests, etc fields on your Facebook profile. Some of the more professional fields that you can add include your career goals, languages that you speak, your dream job, books that you are currently reading and numerous other fields. The Extended Info app is also extremely versatile as it supports html, video images, and music.


My LinkedIn App
This app is also beneficial as it allows you, as you may guess, to link your professional LinkedIn profile to your Facebook account. This app will ask you for your LinkedIn Public Profile website address; thus, it is a good idea to have this information handy. To find this info on your LinkedIn profile, all you have to do is login to your LinkedIn account, view your profile, and the URL should be located next to “public profile”. This application is great as it gives your LinkedIn professional account additional exposure; in turn, this additional exposure can result in increased career and business opportunities for you.


All in all then, Facebook does have some useful career-related applications that will prove to be very helpful during the course of your career or job search.
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