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The role of administrative assistants often changes from one day to the next. You may be asked to organize an event, follow up with client correspondence and assist executives at a moment's notice. The chaotic nature of this role doesn't have to be chaotic at all when you have the resources you need. Learn how to find a work balance to ensure you are maintaining a positive attitude and productively providing the assistance necessary.

Set Clear Priorities Each Day

A healthy work balance can drastically enhance productivity for administrative assistants. Begin by setting priorities each day after reviewing the needs of your supervisor or the executives you support. Compile a list that you can refer to throughout the day or adjust as needed. A clear plan helps to keep you on track. Utilize electronic applications or software that simplifies the process. You can also make this program available to the employees you support so their requests are streamlined.

Engage in Professional Development

Administrative assistants are continually asked to learn new skills. Find a balance by seeking out professional development opportunities that enhance your work performance and a personal sense of achievement. Look into joining local or national organizations that host workshops, seminars, and conferences that offer resources you can utilize on the job. Take a class at a local college or university to improve your skills and proficiency with office equipment or software programs. Find ways to simplify your daily tasks that allow you to take a moment to refresh and renew your energy so that you not only feel as if you are accomplishing your tasks, but also tending to your personal needs to maintain a positive attitude.

Seek out Flexible Options

It is common for administrative assistants to be called into meetings or thrown into tasks at the last minute. Your job likely requires that you are flexible and willing to adapt. Try and achieve a balance with flexible options that meet both your personal needs and your employer's professional needs. Many companies offer a work-from-home option one or more days each week. Inquire about these opportunities to find the balance you need to succeed. Some administrative assistants find that they are more productive during early morning hours or later in the evening once they have fulfilled their personal or home obligations. Communicate your strengths with your employer to find a flexible schedule that works for both you and the company.

Achieve the balance you need to succeed both personally and professionally. Administrative assistants who are able to efficiently organize their duties while maintaining a positive, productive and upbeat demeanor are a clear asset to any organization. Evaluate strategies to enhance your role within the company while also catering to your own needs.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Karen did you receive a letter or email telling you that you would not be a good fit? Did you ask why? Maybe it was something in your resume or your cover letter? If you can, get in touch and ask why you were turned down. That will help you make any corrections so that you can apply for another position. Best of luck.

  • Karen C.
    Karen C.

    I applied for for a job with the clerk of court weeks ago..they seem to think that I would not good do a good I did for 14 years. I can not understand why

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