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Picking out and using the right keywords for resumes is one of the most underrated skills a jobseeker needs to have. Keywords for resumes don't just fall from the sky, after all, and the key words and phrases you put into your information technology resume will be drastically different from keywords for resumes written for service jobs, banking, and general labor. Given the technical nature of IT jobs, keywords for resumes in this field are perhaps more in need of decent attention-grabbing keywords than those of any other field. Here are five words and phrases that make your information technology resume more likely to sail through the filters and get the attention of a hiring manager at your new company.

"Problem solving" is the first key phrase your tech employer is going to be looking for. Technology is all about solving problems, and the design and implementation of those solutions often raise issues of their own. There is no more valuable employee in a tech job than a good problem solver.

"Team building" is another good phrase for signaling your next employer that you'll be a good fit for the job. Every office in the world looks for team players, and by sprinkling this phrase liberally throughout your resume, you're telling the hiring manager that you understand the importance of teamwork.

"Written communication" is a rare skill among tech professionals. Letting your HR reviewer know that you can write, track time, and effectively communicate across departments is a great way to indicate your ability—and willingness—to smooth out the rough edges that will always exist between IT and sales, customer service, and management.

"Leadership" is more often discussed than observed in the corporate world, and it's possible to go too far with the concept. This is especially true of entry-level jobs. Bearing that in mind, it's still a good idea to announce your experience in leadership, even if it was just a temporary stint as a project manager and not a permanent position. Businesses look for employees who do not require close supervision, and your experience at leading a team shows just that.

"Productivity improvements" might be the most important one on this list. of all the keywords for resumes that you'll try out, nothing grabs the attention of a hiring manager quite as much as improved productivity. That is, after all, the whole point of hiring you; you're coming on board to improve the bottom line of the company, and a proven record of success in doing just that is your golden ticket to the next job.

A few things bear mention before you draft your new, super-powered resume. For one, be sure you use these keywords naturally. Cramming keywords for resumes together into a lumpy, unnatural paragraph will definitely do more harm than good. Be honest, since exaggeration and false claims—if the job is as good as you hope, the employer will definitely check—will have the opposite of their intended effect and render you unhirable. Choose your keywords for resumes carefully, use them judiciously, and when in doubt just be as honest as you can be. Your next employer will appreciate you all the more for it.


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