Four Great Apps for Technology Professionals

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According to the research firm Strategic Analytics, an estimated 200 million workers worldwide used mobile apps in 2013. Since the popularity of mobile apps has grown immensely, there are several tech apps designed specifically for technology professionals. These tech apps do everything from monitor servers to provide technical support to employees.

With an ever-growing mobile workforce, tech departments are tasked with assessing and resolving security threats that arise from the use of unsecured mobile apps in the workplace. Fortunately, there are several secure and time-saving tech apps that allow IT professionals to work remotely and keep the workplace safe.

bMonitor Server Monitor

One of the worst-case scenarios a business, and certainly IT professionals, can face is a server going down. bMonitor Server Monitor is an Android tech app that constantly tests servers remotely for potential problems and malfunctions. Users of this app receive an immediate alert when a problem is found, making this tech app ideal for monitoring the performance of servers after hours. Users can also add additional alert recipients who are alerted when a problem is found. The only downside to this tech app is that the constant server monitoring does decrease battery life significantly. However, there are settings to allow users to adjust the times the server is monitored, such as after business hours.


NeoRouter for Android is a great tech app for IT professionals working for any size of business. This app provides remote access to Windows, Mac and Linux computers, facilitating status checks, file sharing and user management. In addition, NeoRouter provides remote access to unattended servers and printers. Best of all, NeoRouter has a built-in firewall that adds an essential level of security needed for remote access. There is a free version of this app available with limited features, and there is also a professional-level app available for an annual fee. However, a free 30-day trial is available so users can test out the functionality of the app before buying it.

ADManager Mobile

ADManager Mobile is an iOS tech app designed for IT support and help-desk professionals. This tech app facilitates an interface with Microsoft Active Directory. ADManager allows users to remotely resolve a number of issues for an entire workforce, such as locking and unlocking accounts and providing or restricting access to workstations. ADManager also comes with a tool for creating and resetting passwords and assessing the security of employee-generated passwords. In addition, users can manage contacts and computers, create accounts and modify group memberships.


Scany is an iOS app that allows IT professionals to monitor Wi-Fi connections, LAN and other kinds of networks. With an easy-to-use interface, Scany provides detailed information about open ports, services running and the status of devices connected to a server. Scany is also capable of finding unauthorized devices that are connected to a network, even if a firewall is being used.

There is a tech app to increase the productivity of virtually any technology professional from network administrators to tech support staff. With rampant use of mobile applications in the workplace, these tech apps provide a secure solution to the inherent risks that arise from working remotely with mobile applications.


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