Four Great Jobs That Don't Require a Bachelor's Degree

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As a result of the current economic recession many people have begun to question the assumption that in order to have a successful life, every young adult needs to go to college and get a degree. While it's true that those who have earned degrees, in general, earn more money over the course of their lifetime, not every student is college material. Some people simply don't have the patience or aptitude for college level coursework, and for them, college is a risky and expensive investment. Even with Federal Financial Aid, most students will need to take out student loans that will put them in debt before they even enter the workforce.


The student who struggled through high school has an increased chance of dropping out of college and ending up saddled with huge debt and no degree to show for it. The school still makes a profit, but the student will have to work extra hard to be able to pay off their debt, or else they will begin their adult life with very bad credit, making it much more difficult for them to find affordable housing, get a credit card or even get a low interest car loan.


Instead of pushing high school students into college, these struggling students should be directed toward trade schools and other job training programs. Believe it or not, there are still plenty of jobs that pay well and don't require a 4 year degree. Here are 4 of them:


Plumbing – Plumbers are always in demand and the field is constantly growing. A trained plumber earns, on average, $46,000 a year. According to Wikihow, in order to become a plumber, you have to attend a trade school course, complete an apprenticeship and get licensed.


Paralegal – There are several different ways to become a paralegal assistant. Some people do get a 4 year degree in Paralegal studies, however there are plenty of 2 year Associate Degree programs and even paralegal career courses that can provide sufficient training. The demand for certified paralegals is expected to continue to grow and they earn, on average, $46,000 a year.


Auto Body Repair – This is a growing field and it's a great career option for people who enjoy working with their hands and want to work in the auto industry. Most people in this field attend a trade school program in order to learn the skills they need to find a job. An Auto Body Repair specialists can earn around $34,000 a year.


Hairstylist – A full-time course in Cosmetology can be completed in less than 2 years and it requires an equal amount of classroom time and hands on practical training. After successfully completing the course, students must take a licensing exam before they can find work as a hairstylist. A good hairstylist can earn up to $30,000 a year.


There are so many career options for those who don't see a four year degree program in their future. Learning a trade or completing a career training program can be a great way to learn a new skill and begin a promising career.


Do you have a degree? Have you attended a trade school? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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