Gauge Employee Satisfaction with Surveys

Michele Warg
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You have taken the time to interview, select, and hire your ideal employees. Now, it’s important that you retain them. Utilizing surveys allow you to gauge employee morale and level of satisfaction with their job and your company. To ensure that your employees provide honest feedback, you may consider making the survey anonymous. Below are some questions you might consider adding to your survey: • Do you like the work that you do? • Does your work give you a sense of accomplishment? • Do you feel challenged on a daily basis? • Do you feel that the company cares about you? • Do you think that opportunities have been provided to allow you to advance in your career? • Do you feel that you experience a healthy work/life balance? • Do you receive the right level of guidance from your supervisor? • Does your company communicate its goals and related performance throughout the year? • What can our company do better? Employees will appreciative that you are interested in hearing their feedback and that their comments will help improve their workplace environment.

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