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Bas Kohnke, CEO of performance review company Impraise, says that as his company grew in 2016, he focused his hiring efforts on finding the best possible workers for his company regardless of skill level. To land the job you want, take his lessons to heart by following these three tips.

1. Solve a Problem

During an interview, make it your ultimate goal to explain how you plan to solve a company problem. Land the job you want by teaching your interviewers something new and offering solutions they didn't consider before. Explain how you can improve what the employer already has in place. This shows your future boss you have the ability to think outside the box and the skills to make important changes within the organization.

2. Appear Driven

To get the job you want, demonstrate your passion for the position by doing research before the interview date. Learn all about the company's mission, background, products, services and key players. Perform market research to determine the company's current business strategy and how effective it is in the current business climate. This allows you to provide detailed information to interviewers as you point out how you can improve on the business strategy.

When making suggestions, don't appear haughty or over-confident. Rather, have a discussion about how you can help the firm overcome a challenge, and describe the specific strategies you plan to use to alleviate the company's problem. Get to the bottom of the issues the company faces by asking the right questions, and offer as many solutions as possible once the interviewer provides more details about the issue. No skill level, accomplishment or achievement can show how much drive you have. Demonstrate your drive by expressing your desire to be part of the organization and your willingness to assist with current and ongoing challenges.

3. Reach Out

Reach out to the hiring manager immediately after the interview by sending an email thanking him for his time and for considering you as a candidate. Mention a memorable part of the conversation in your follow-up note so the interviewer remembers what you discussed. In last line of your note, express your enthusiasm about the position, and let the reader know you look forward to a follow-up call.

You can also write out a thoughtful thank-you note by hand. If you choose this option, it's best to bring the note paper with you to the interview. Write the note shortly after the interview in the company's lobby or reception area, and hand it to the hiring manager's receptionist or secretary before heading out the door. This small gesture is sure to leave a lasting impression and increases your chances of getting the job you want.

Land the job you want, regardless of your skills on paper, by displaying these soft skills during the job interview. Your attitude, thoughtfulness and communication skills help you to build rapport with hiring managers and earn their trust, which increases your likelihood of landing the job.

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