Great Skills to Include on Your Resume When Changing Careers

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Changing careers is a big step that you shouldn't take lightly. Make sure you have the right transferable skills, or skills that workers in any industry need to succeed, before embarking on your new adventure. Discover 10 great skills to include on your resume as you seek to improve your professional life or start a new career.

1. Flexibility

Flexibility, or adaptability, is a must in any industry. Organizational shifts occur for many reasons, including changing economic climates or new technology. Let employers know of a time when you had to suddenly switch gears to be successful. Successfully changing careers is also a way to demonstrate your flexibility.

2. Tech Skills

You don't necessarily have to go back to college to get a computer science degree, but having some kind of tech skills, computer knowledge or programming know-how benefits your career and makes you an asset to any employer. Show that you understand the latest industry software as well as popular office tools and computer programs.

3. Communication

Written and oral communication are essential to success, no matter where you work. Examples of this skill include knowing how to respond promptly to emails, communicating issues effectively with your boss or keeping your team informed of important information.

4. Organization

Managers need organized team members. Demonstrate this by having a neatly formatted resume, a well-written cover letter and a solid plan in mind when you discuss changing careers with a future employer.

5. Work Ethic

Work ethic refers to your ability to behave responsibly and consistently at the office. Working hard, taking the initiative and going the extra mile for your team demonstrates that you have the skills and determination to support your company's goals.

6. Leadership

Highlight leadership experience on a resume by noting how you spearheaded a project, rallied your team around a certain cause or stood up for some issue at the office. When changing careers, great leadership skills can easily make you stand out from other candidates.

7. Dependability

Examples of dependability include showing up to work on time each day, getting tasks done in a timely manner and accomplishing goals set by your supervisor. When your boss knows he can count on you, you become a valued and trusted member of the team.

8. Problem Solving

When changing careers, let hiring managers know about your ability to analyze and help solve difficult problems at the office. Describe at least one scenario in which you tackled a complex problem by being creative or thinking outside the box.

9. Multitasking

Can you handle more than one project at a time? Multitasking and time-management skills are a must, so think of a time when you successfully handled multiple projects at work and mention it on your resume or during interviews.

10. People Skills

Successfully relating to people helps you manage relationships within your team and also with customers or clients. Knowing how to talk to and connect with those around you is an important and valuable skill.

Changing careers is no small feat. Make the transition easier by demonstrating these 10 great skills on a resume to get ahead of the competition. How would you demonstrate one of these skills to an employer?

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