Hospitality Wellness Trends to Shift in 2011

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Most hotels will be replacing pampering with wellness as travelers opt for healthier alternatives while they travel. This will be evident as spas and resorts increasingly unite treatments with such wellness offerings as nutritionists and activities like yoga and meditation. In addition, spas will be enhancing service and not adding treatment options.

Another trend has been an increasing number of people traveling solo on a spa or wellness holiday. This segment is growing fast and spas and wellness resorts are addressing this sizeable market by providing busy activity schedules, and sociable facilities, such as table sharing during meals.

Fully equipped Pilates studios with qualified teachers will also be more ubiquitous. This is an attempt by more spas to further enhance their fitness facilities beyond personal trainers and yoga classes. Pilates satisfies a growing need to improve a number of issues faced by today's travelers—things like post surgery rehab, back problems, post pregnancy body toning and posture improvement.

Along with physical fitness, the new emphasis will be on mental fitness to reduce stress and boost energy. This will give rise to meditation classes and staffing up with trained disciples who can impart these disciplines to today's mentally exhausted traveler.

These activities will dovetail with holistic activities and treatments. Hotels, spas and wellness resorts will implore guests to take advantage of the "healing and restorative" properties of their locations—be it the sea, a lagoon or nature trail. Programs will run the gamut from kayaking, sea-swimming, Jungle gyms, outdoor rock climbing and mountain biking. Think yoga in outdoor salas, tree-top spas amidst an ambiance of nature, just to name a few.

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