Hospitality Workers: How to Make Yourself More Promotable

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You’re a good worker. You graduated from a fine hospitality school. You do everything that’s asked of you. In fact, you fit the job description perfectly. But year after year, coworkers are promoted while you’re simply marking time. So what gives?  Why are you stuck in a rut? What do they have that you don’t?

As in most industries, making yourself more "promotable" takes work, focus and attitude. Some suggestions to elevate you in your boss’s eye:

Don't just go the distance. Go the extra mile, especially during those unexpected emergencies that pop up. Volunteer to help out, even if it's not a job in your department. Become the "go-to" expert in one or more areas. You'll impress the boss and add a breadth of knowledge and experience to your resume. 


Treat guests like royalty. Here, again, make it a point to help guests even if it's outside your job area or description. Guests will remember you for the kindness and some will even write a thank you note to your boss. 

Be a problem solver. If you notice something is awry or needs attention on a consistent basis, suggest ways to solve the problem to your supervisor. These things have a habit of sticking in supervisor's mind.  And before you know it, he or she will come to you for advice on how to deal with a problem. 

Always be on time. In fact, it doesn't hurt to come in just a few minutes early every day. It tells the boss that you're ready to hit the ground running before every shift. Besides, there are always little things that need to be taken care of before work starts.


Remember yourself. You're a pro. Act like the person who's being groomed for the next rung up the ladder. Keep socializing to a minimum.  The same goes for personal cell phone calls and surfing the net on company computers. 

Become Certified. The Educational Institute of American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute offers many certifications for professionals working in hotel and hospitality jobs. Certifications include Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA), Certified Gaming Supervisor (CGS), Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT) and many others. You may not need some of these for your job, but they may come in handy once you're promoted. They demonstrate a level of commitment to the industry that your boss will appreciate. Some hotel/hospitality employers even pay for these certifications. So all it costs you is your time. 


As you can see, making yourself more promotable isn’t rocket science. It’s basically common sense mixed with a go-getter attitude. So apply yourself and get that promotion! 



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  • Rita S
    Rita S
    Thank-you for the well written article.  It is very informative for any career.  I love the idea of being a Housekeeper,yet have the opportunity to take classes for the Hospitality Industry!

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