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Sometimes you take a position, not because the hours are the greatest, the work is the easiest, or the pay is the best, but because of the perks. While the hospitality industry, for the rank and file, does not have benefits such as matching 401k programs or fantastic health care, there are some perks in the hotel industry that might make the job more attractive.

In-House Program – The local hotel might offer some attractive incentives for its employees. If there is a restaurant associated with the facility, there may well be discounted employee meals. Sometimes, with management's OK, this discount can be applied to a special meal for you and your significant other while out on the town. Also there may be bonuses, usually tied to performance and guest service ratings. At one hotel where I worked, there was a monthly employee luncheon. It was an excellent meal and the announcement of the employee of the month (who received a plaque and bonus check). Also, we had the opportunity to “spin the wheel” that offered prizes from $1 up to a week off with pay.

Reward Card – Some hotels that have a guest reward program might also offer the employees a card. Again, points are rewarded for performance. Front desk employees might receive points for completing on-line training courses and signing-up new guests for the GRP. These points then can be used for free stays in sister hotels, airline mileage, or even for a gift card, the equivalent of cash.

Discounted Stay – Of course the biggest perk offered is discounted stays at sister hotels. This might include a family and friends program which allows you to reserve discounted rooms for family and friends. For example, I recently made a four-night reservation for my son and his family. They stayed in a two-bedroom suite at a resort hotel minutes away from Disney World. The facility was excellent and he saved 50% of the money he had budgeted for lodging.

Greater savings can be had at the employee rate. Often the employee rate is as low as 25% of the standard rate. And with many corporate hotels now international, one of the highest cost for travel is greatly reduced. But be careful, there may be some restrictions on which hotels accept such reservations and the season of the year.

So, if your thinking of a job in the hospitality industry, remember the perks!

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