How Much do You Know about Managing Finances?

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One of the most difficult aspects about being a recent college graduate or college senior entails understanding financial matters, especially those that affect credit score and staying out of debt. Though the job search can be stressful, planning for the future is equally daunting. There are many aspects of financial literacy that are hard to understand for anyone, let alone a young person starting out in the working world.

I think it's a great idea that Virginia, Missouri, Utah and Tennessee mandate a class in financial education. I think this is a great idea for the often-required freshman seminar. Why not start out college on the right financial foot? Though finances can be hard to understand, this article shows why it is crucial. The article states that, "For twentysomethings, the prospect of finding a job with defined benefits and pension programs — if they find a job at all — is especially slim, post-recession. In addition, many graduates will have to cope with student loan payments. In 2008, the average college student graduated with more than $23,000 in student loan debt", according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Many colleges encourage students to open credit cards for incentive points at the school and with approved retailers. Please, before doing so, learn about credit! Everything you spend, you have to pay back - with interest, if you only pay your minimum amount. Don't fall into a financial trap. Even if you school doesn't offer a financial planning course, look into one at the community college or look for free tools online.

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