How to Boost Your Twitter Follower Count

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Twitter can be a valuable business tool, but only if you have enough followers. By making an effort to add more Twitter followers, you can increase the visibility of your company and boost the number of people who interact with your brand.

Your Twitter followers can help you increase sales, boost product visibility, and build brand awareness. A high follower count also indicates to other users that your company is worth following. It takes time to build a loyal and engaged base of fans, but your efforts can pay off significantly in the long run.

Many Twitter users follow hundreds of people and see thousands of tweets each day. In order to convince them to follow you, your Twitter account must offer value. For a business, followers-only promotions are one easy way to get new Twitter followers. If you run a restaurant, for example, you might offer a one-time discount of 25 percent if customers can show that they follow you on Twitter; or you could announce to customers that you will be tweeting a special discount code at an unspecified point during the following week. By offering perks and sales on a regular basis, you can make it worthwhile for Twitter users to follow your company.

When you are trying to gain more Twitter followers, content is key. Many businesses make the mistake of posting promotional tweets and nothing else. To make your Twitter account more attractive to potential fans, post information that they will be interested in, tweet links to helpful articles, comment on issues that impact your customers, or share entertaining photos. Promotional tweets should account for no more than half of the content you post on Twitter.

For a business, it can be tempting to use informal language or slang when you are trying to gain more Twitter followers. As you compose each tweet, it is crucial to strike a tone that is both approachable and professional. In doing so, you can make your company accessible without sacrificing your reputation.

Twitter is a fast-moving platform, so timely content is crucial. According to Business 2 Community, businesses can use a process called newsjacking—integrating trending topics and current events into individual tweets—to bring in more Twitter followers. Check out the "Trends" section on Twitter to locate the latest trending topics and hashtags and find relevant ways to use them in your own tweets. During the Olympics, for example, many companies used trending hashtags like "#Sochi2014" to increase their visibility to attract more Twitter followers.

By putting careful thought into your social media content strategy, you can create a Twitter presence that is effective and engaging. As a result, it will be easier to attract a large base of interested Twitter followers to benefit your business.


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