How to Get and Use the Names of your Interviewers

Nancy Anderson
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Dale Carnegie said, “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest most important sound, in any language”. One of the most empowering techniques in interpersonal communication is getting and using the other person’s name. This strategy is essential in making a good first impression when you are interviewing for the job of your dreams.

One of the reasons people forget the name of the person they are talking with is because when they first hear it, they are not ready to remember it. They usually are busy thinking about personal concerns like how they look, is their make up on right, is their tie straight, etc.

We are not just talking about your interviewer. The receptionist and other employees, who may be part of the interviewing process, are people whose names we also need to be able to remember and use.

Here is a simple formula for hearing and remembering another person’s name. First, get ready to hear the first and last name as the person speaks it. Get your mind off you and focus on the other person. Next, as the person introduces himself or herself, repeat the first and last name back to that person to make sure you heard it properly. If possible use the other person’s name appropriately in the conversation. Finally, when you get the opportunity, write his or her name down in your notebook so you can refer back to it later if you should happen to forget it.

So, in summary, to increase you chances of landing your dream job, make a good first impression by making it a point to get and remember the names of the people pertinent to your interviewing process.

By Tom Borg ©2010

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