How to Get the Career that Is Right for You

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One of the keys to finding the job you really want when you graduate from college is to do everything possible to match your talents and career aptitudes to the right field of study. Your goal should be to have several job offers waiting for you when you finish your degree. This can happen if you are enrolled in the right major.

Use Available Resources
In order to do this properly, it is best to use the resources you have available. Your college career planning center is a great place to start. Ideally you should have checked in with them and started using their services as a freshman. However, it is never too late to use career aptitude testing, behavioral profiles and the other personal awareness tools they have available. Take advantage of them.

Get a Clear Focus
One of the reasons the graduation rate hovers around only 50% for most four year institutions is because students do not have a clear focus on a career that would allow them to tap their full potential. No doubt, other factors come into play, but if students do not know what they really want to do, they will get discouraged and either give up or settle for a degree that does not match what they want and can do.

Match Your Talents to Your Field of Study
According to research, in the next ten years, less than 20% of the college graduates will be in the same field where they earned their degrees. The important thing is to find out as much as possible about what your talents and preferences are and to match them to a field of study that will allow you to fully use them. When you do this right, you will find yourself looking forward to working at something you love to do and getting paid to do it.

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Tom Borg is president of Tom Borg Consulting, LLC. He is a business consultant, speaker, coach and author.

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article posted by Staff Editor
article posted by Staff Editor

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