How to Highlight Mobile App Design Skills

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Do you have mobile app design skills? These skills are in high demand, especially as more and more businesses expand their Internet resources to include mobile apps. It is easy to write about your mobile app design skills in a resume, but you need to do a bit of extra work to truly highlight your skills to a potential employer.

The average hiring manager is not going to be able to evaluate your mobile app design skills simply by reading a line on a resume. If you helped design a high-profile mobile app, a hiring manager is likely to recognize the app name, but otherwise you have a hard time making your app skills stand out from all the other job candidates.

You need to supply hiring managers with additional tools to highlight your skills and show off your design expertise. The person doing the hiring needs to be able to see examples of your design to truly understand your abilities and potential. Without this information, there is no real way to distinguish your work from that of other candidates.

The easiest way to connect hiring managers to your design portfolio is by creating a personal website. Include the URL of this website in both your cover letter and your resume, and make sure it is one of the top search results when hiring managers search your name. Use your design and UI skills to make your website look as professional as possible, and include examples of your mobile app design portfolio along with more information about your skills, your career history and your professional goals.

Of course, not every hiring manager is going to take the time to go online and pull up your personal website. That's why design-job candidates have taken their skills to the next level by creating infographic resumes. These resumes are visual, colorful and serve as examples of both your work history and your design talents. Since these apps already use images to communicate ideas, it is easy to add screenshots of your best mobile app design work into the infographic resume. That way, the hiring manager will have no choice but to evaluate your skills.

Before you send off an infographic resume, pay careful attention to the job posting instructions. Some job listings request that you include only certain types of resumes and cover letters, and hiring managers weed out candidates who do not follow instructions. If that is the case, follow the directions carefully for the first round of the application process and then bring the infographic resume with you as supplementary material when you get your initial interview.

When you apply for a mobile app job, you are often competing against hundreds of qualified candidates. You need a way for your mobile app design work to stand out and get noticed. Create a personal website to showcase your portfolio and consider creating an infographic resume to highlight your design work and mobile skills.


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