How to Pick the Right College Courses

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Every semester can be a daunting task in picking the right courses - especially if you are still undecided on a major. In college, I typically chose general education classes that fit into my schedule or classes that seemed interesting. Looking back, I wish I had taken more English classes earlier on so I could complete an English minor (something that would have proven beneficial when I later became an English teacher). Since the purpose of college is to end up with a useful degree and to secure a job, it's important to take courses that will benefit you in the end.

Please learn from my mistakes. Try to talk to your freshman advisor or mentor (if you have one) and find classes that are interesting to you throughout your first year. For example, if you are leaning toward a Bachelor of Arts you will most likely need a foreign language and extra humanities courses (at least, this was my experience). These courses might not be worthwhile if you end up with a Bachelor of Science.

At the end of your time in college, you hope to have taken useful courses that will advance you toward a career. This includes meeting with people in your chosen field and assessing if it is a good fit for you. All too often, students take courses they believe will be helpful but miss essential courses that are practical (i.e. learning how to balance a budget).

This recent article offers sound advice for how to approach your course selection. Have you used every resource available before picking courses? Or do you approach course selection as just another step in the process? Let me know what has (and hasn't) worked for you in the past.

Amy M worked in corporate public relations for three years before returning to graduate school to become an English and Social Studies teacher. She is also a freelance writer for CollegeJobBank. In her free time, Amy likes to practice yoga. She is a self-proclaimed 'American history nerd.' Read more of her blogs at Find jobs and other information at Nexxt.

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