How to Use Your Alumni Association to Launch Your Career – Part I

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One of the best ways to start making connections that can lead to your first job after college is to use your alumni association. There is an innate desire to help fellow alumni among most college graduates. The key is being proactive and beginning this process by contacting your alma mater’s alumni department.

Most colleges and universities have alumni chapters throughout the country and overseas. Whether you are still attending your college or graduated, it is recommended you find out when the local alumni chapter meets and to attend a meeting.

Bring Your Business Cards
Come prepared with your own business card. Yes, I know you may not work for any company in particular just yet, but a business card lets the other person you meet know you are professional. They are easy to have printed and in some cases you can get them for free. Check out web sites like www.Vista for free business cards.

Ask Questions
Once you make face to face contact with established alumni, make it a goal to find out about him or her. Ask them questions about what they like about their career. Ask them what suggestions they might have for a person like you who is seeking a job after graduation. When they ask, share with them what type of a degree you have and in what kind of career you are seeking a position.

Take Notes
One way to remember the information you are hearing is take out a pen and paper and take notes. This will do two things. First, it will give you a chance to record the valuable information this person is sharing with you so you can implement it later, and second, it will send them the message you are serious about learning how to land your future job.

By beginning the process of making contact with alumni from your college or university, you will be on your way to launching your career.

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