How to earn extra money while waiting to start your career

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You might not have time to get a full time or second job while hitting the books. If you’re just as strapped for time as for cash there are 6 creative ways to pad your pockets you can consider.

  1. Book Broker. If you’re still holding on to old text books from semesters past there’s no time like the present to clear your shelves and make a quick buck. Even if you’ve missed the school buy back time frame you can advertise on bulletin boards, Craig’s List, or Amazon. You can turn your favorite fiction and non-fiction titles into dollars as well by taking them to second hand booksellers.

  2. Golden Opportunity. If you have broken or unused gold jewelry then cash in on the current price of gold being at an all time high. You can unload your treasure at pawn shops, jewelers, or anywhere that buys gold. If you know the weight, the current price, and the carat conversion you can get the best deal for your busted tennis bracelet.

  3. Heavy Metal. Gold isn’t the only element that can put money I your pocket. Recycling centers pay for aluminum, steel, and copper too. The heavier the weight the more money in your wallet. Call around and find the best price per pound before schlepping your load all over town.

  4. Pocket Change. Before you dump the change you found in the couch into the Coinstar machine, peek and see if you have something worth more than face value. Check coin collecting sites for which coins to look out for. Silver dollars in general can yield as much as $50 to even more if you have something special.

  5. Photo Opportunity. Sell your pictures to stock photo site like and bank a quarter each time a member chooses one. On top of making extra money it’s exciting to think a shot you snapped of your dog might wind up in a magazine one day.

  6. Treasure for Trash. Have a yard sale and get rid of stuff you’re not using. Go to other yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores and look for items that would have a turnaround value with a little elbow grease. By listing these items on ebay with accurate descriptions and specific keywords you can get even greater returns on your investments. While you’re there look to see if they have anything good too…

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By Heather Fairchild - Heather is a multimedia developer, business owner, and work-from-home mom.


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