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Employers are always seeking candidates with top job skills. You, as a candidate, can show how you stand out with a cover letter that piques the interest of hiring managers and explains in detail why you're the best person for the open position. Display a combination of values and skills that match the company's mission when submitting your resume and letter to a prospective employer to get closer to the job you want.

Identify your top job skills and provide examples of job-related experience and accomplishments tied to these skills when writing a cover letter. Employers and hiring managers are seeking potential employees with both "hard" and "soft" skills. While your resume should include hard skills that detail proficiency in computer applications, project management and know-how within the industry, soft skills focus on interpersonal skills that benefit the company and clients less directly.

Be sure to detail a variety of soft skills you possess within your cover letter. Show how you have the ability to write, listen and speak effectively when communicating with co-workers, managers and customers. Provide examples of hands-on scenarios that show how your communication skills landed a contract or secured a loyal client. Analytical and research skills are also attractive to hiring managers. Show how you have the ability to assess and troubleshoot problems, gather vital information and seek out multiple perspectives from experts and co-workers. Provide examples of how you have worked well with teams while in past positions to show that you are cooperative and willing to accept input from others.

Job candidates should also detail leadership and management skills and showcase relevant experience in a cover letter. Show how you have taken charge, motivated others and managed teams. Align the skills you have to what is expected and desired from the company. Investigate the company culture and desired leadership styles and show that your management style fits well with the mission and values of the business.

Hiring managers often seek candidates with superior planning and organizational skills. Provide proof that you have experience designing, planning, organizing and implementing tasks and projects with tight deadlines. Show that you value goal-setting and detail goals you have met while working in the industry. Problem-solving is an intricate part of planning. Job candidates should detail instances where they brainstormed and implemented creative and logical strategies to troubleshoot customer issues or transformed company policies and procedures.

A cover letter should outline and display that you are motivated by your professional morals and integrity. Hiring managers seek candidates who are loyal and honest. Explain how your personal philosophy dovetails with the demands of the position and the industry to show that you are the ideal fit for the position.

Hiring managers have the opportunity to review your resume to ensure your experience qualifies you for the job. However, a well-written cover letter offers potential employers a snapshot of how your morals and leadership style match the values and mission of the company.

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