Job Searching Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

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The thought of navigating through the job search process is often intimidating and stressful for professionals. However, modern technology has evolved to take the pain out of scouring through available positions when embarking on a career change. Use these strategies to simplify the search and find the position of your dreams.

Work With Recruiters

Brushing off the help of professional recruiters can be one of the biggest mistakes job seekers make. A recruiter has access to leads that you may not find elsewhere in addition to contacts with employers in your field. Reach out to recruiters to utilize their expertise when polishing your resume and cover letter. An experienced recruiter knows exactly what employers in your industry are seeking and can help you craft and customize documents during your job search that put you above the rest of the candidates.

Take Advantage of Job Alerts

Spend less time searching the web for available positions, and let job leads come to you to simplify the job search. Professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn or Glassdoor, offer features that allow you to set up your chosen criteria for available positions, ultimately saving you time and frustration. Fill out an online preference form, and watch as potential job leads filter into your inbox each day. If you are interested in working for a particular firm, create an online account on the employer's website to receive alerts when the company is hiring to enhance your search even more when contemplating a career change

Change Your Mindset

Flexibility can drastically reduce the amount of stress associated with a new job search. Change your mindset, and consider being more open to opportunities that are unique and innovative. Let employers know that you are open to opportunities when discussing why you are interested in changing careers. An open mind is appealing to employers and shows that you are not necessarily leaving your current position because you are frustrated or dissatisfied.

Utilize LinkedIn

As one of the most prominent networking sites online, LinkedIn can be a powerful resource during your job search. Go beyond creating a profile that lists your experience and skills, and reach out to people currently working in your chosen field. Increase your number of connections while also engaging in meaningful conversations about industry trends to expand your job opportunities. Establish yourself as an expert in the field by posting relevant articles, blog posts and status updates. Once you have connected with the right people, share your goals for a new position and inquire about available positions within your industry.

Stress does not have to monopolize your job search when you utilize online tools designed to simplify the process. Seek out ways to network so job leads land in your lap when contemplating changing careers or even industries.

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