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Being a great administrative assistant requires excellent organizational skills and a knack for being ready for anything. Keeping the right supplies on or in your desk is an important part of staying prepared. Add these must-haves to your stock, and be ready to serve up quick fixes when necessary. The right supplies can improve your reputation as an administrative assistant who is prepared and reduce your stress on the job.

1. Charging Supplies

Tablets and smartphones are important to most busy professionals, but they don't work if they aren't charged. Keep a supply of common charging cables and power bricks with your other desk supplies so they're ready to use when someone's device is running low. This can save anyone in your office who forgot their charger at home as well as visiting clients whose devices need a charge. Send a power brick along with your boss when he leaves for a long meeting to ensure he stays connected while out.

2. Sewing Kit

A great administrative assistant always looks professional. Stash a small sewing kit in your desk for emergency repairs. Add a lint brush and a stain stick to your supplies to ensure you and your boss always look your best. Offer the lint brush when necessary before your boss heads out to a meeting, and pull out the stain stick following lunch mishaps.

3. Over-the-Counter Medications

Most businesses have a first aid kit available for workers, but they may not include common over-the-counter medications, such as pain relievers, cold medications and antacids. Having pills on hand can help you and your coworkers stay comfortable at work. Add some bandages to your administrative assistant medical kit in case the first aid kit's supply runs out, and include extra boxes of tissues during cold season.

4. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is an essential supply for a busy administrative assistant. Its regular use can help prevent the spread of illness. Keep a bottle handy on your desk, and use it regularly. A container of sanitizer wipes is another great accessory to keep germs from spreading. Wipe down the phone receiver, door knobs, and other frequently touched surfaces regularly to keep them clean and sanitized.

5. Detailed Calendar

Easy-to-use calendar apps are a great way to coordinate calendars with your boss and throughout your office, but technology can be slow and sometimes fails. Keep a back-up paper calendar on your desk for quick access to dates when you don't want to bother with a computer or device. A paper calendar also comes in handy if Web services are down or there is a widespread power outage.

Be prepared for whatever your work days hold by keeping a variety of supplies on hand, including a sewing kit, hand sanitizer, pain relievers and extra chargers. The best administrative assistants are prepared for anything and ready to provide solutions to help their boss's days flow smoothly. Keep your special desk supplies easily accessible, and restock as necessary.

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