Keeping Up Your Personal Motivation

John Krautzel
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Business leaders and managers rely heavily on their personal drive to produce results. Business motivation takes many different forms and can come from a variety of different sources. Understanding what motivates you personally and how it affects your work is one of the keys to success as an entrepreneur, a CEO, or a manager. Being able to tap into your personal reserves of business motivation, the drive to succeed in your day-to-day entrepreneurial or managerial endeavors, is essential for productivity and effective leadership.

Experienced managers and executives likely understand from experience why their personal motivation is so important to the future of their organization and the success of their endeavors. Discovering where this motivation originates is not always easy, but doing so can deliver exceptional benefits for your drive to succeed in your daily work. It is important to take stock of not only what you do each day but also why you do it. You need to examine your motivation and learn to harness personal motivation for business ends. For entrepreneurs, personal and business motivation are likely closely linked. Those working for a salary may need to dig deeper to understand how elements of their personal drive translate to the work they perform.

Identifying the reasons behind your business motivation may help increase your drive by giving you a clearer picture of your place in an organization and your goals, but you must also identify negative outliers that can attempt to derail your success. Those things that you find demotivational also provide insight regarding how you perform and can dramatically affect your success. Business management and leadership professionals often run into curve balls—unexpected events that cause them to have to change course quickly—and keeping your motivation in the face of these challenges may seem difficult. Remaining calm and focusing on tackling such challenges directly can help you overcome the unexpected without losing your motivation.

Few people feel they have an unlimited supply of business motivation. While the amount of the supply may grow through use, like a muscle, it can also be damaged or depleted when drawn upon too much without replenishment. When you have identified those things that motivate you, take time to indulge in motivational exercises during downtimes. This does not only apply to vacations and other time spent away from the office. You should also celebrate your successes. Constantly replenishing your personal motivational reserves can help you avoid burnout and more easily tackle the challenges of your work.

Business motivation varies greatly between individuals. Taking inventory of those things that motivate you as well as challenges that can sap your motivation, keeping your cool under pressure, and replenishing your personal stores of motivation can help you perform your daily tasks in an effective and efficient manner.




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