Laid Off? Can’t Find Work? Consider Internships.

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The hotel industry is reeling as the economy continues to stagnate. The effects are being felt nationwide. Starwood Hotels recently laid off over 10,000 workers. The MGM Mirage in Las Vegas eliminated 6,000 jobs. Half of Boston’s hotel workers have been furloughed. In Las Vegas and San Francisco, nearly a third of hotel workers are looking for work. And 25 percent of hotel staff in Minneapolis have been given pink slips.

If you’re an experienced hospitality worker and you’ve been laid off in this terrible economy, you’re faced with some pretty tough choices. No doubt, you’re doing everything you can to get back to work--sending out resumes, exhausting all your contacts and going to job fairs. But if you haven’t found a job after a few months and the bills are pilling up, you may want to consider one last option: Internships.

I know, it’s a bitter pill to swallow. After all, you’re an experienced, educated hospitality professional. But consider the upside. For starters, it’s one way to fill that nagging employment gap in your resume, connect with hospitality managers, and gain some additional experience. As an intern, you’ll at least be working, maybe even making a bit of money (some internships do pay), and you’ll be keeping current with what’s happening in the industry. You may even learn something new if your internship segues you into a slightly different aspect of hospitality. And that could lead to a career change, if you’re amenable to that.

Many hotels are suffering and need to cut costs. Yet they’d love to have a pro for an intern. If you accept the job with a smile and the right attitude, you’ll be on the hotel’s short list for new hires when things turn around.

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