Makeovers at Luxury Hotels Mean More Hospitality Jobs

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by Alex A. Kecskes

The European hotel business is excruciatingly competitive, with hotels vying for well-heeled clients who demand the very finest service and appointments.

That said, the arrival of four luxury hotels in Paris convinced the Hôtel Le Bristol Paris to implement a wave of luxury improvements. Among these are plans to double the size of its spa and to add a new 2,155 square-foot panoramic suite on its eighth floor. Part of an ongoing major investment program, the Bristol commits over $6.4 million annually to renovations, with an added $15.4 million for new projects.

Not to be left behind, the Hotel Plaza Athénée and the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris are investing big time to upgrade and enlarge, refit rooms, and add more suites, including posh new restaurants. Catering to an upper-crust clientele, luxury hotel owners have come to realize that they must invest and innovate non-stop to protect their star status. If these palaces wish to maintain their position as the epitome of luxury, ongoing innovation and systematic enhancements are de rigueur to ensure loyalty from clients and expand their clientele.

Having written extensively for the Ayres Hotel Group, I can tell you that upgrades and improvements are absolutely necessary to ensure a loyal client base.

Before you apply to one of these luxury European hotels, you'll need impeccable credentials. That means a college education, superb references and, of course, fluency in French or Italian (preferably both). To search for these top-notch positions, check out this Luxury Hotel Jobs site.

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