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Looking for an entirely different type of summer job? Consider becoming a federal politician. Well, that is exactly what several students from Quebec, Canada did. They decided to run as New Democratic Party candidates in the recent May 2, 2011 Canadian federal election and they ended up winning the elections in their respective ridings.

More specifically, four McGill University students in Montreal were elected to their respective ridings – including one nineteen year old – who happens to be the youngest person ever to be elected in a federal government election.

The nineteen-year-old student, Pierre-Luc Dusseault from Sherbrooke, Quebec describes himself as a “political junkie” who enjoys watching CPAC, a TV network that showcases the proceeding that take place in the Canadian parliament.

Other people that were elected to Parliament in Canada include Mathieu Ravignat – who happens to be a volunteer Karate instructor. In response to questions concerning the experience level of the newly elected Members of Parliament, Jack Layton, the NDP leader stated: "Yes, we have some young people, but you know young people got involved in this election in an unprecedented way. I think it was very exciting."

"And the fact that some of these young people have now been chosen . . . I think we should see that as something to celebrate — not something to criticize."

Of course, besides these individuals, more experienced professionals were also elected to the Canadian federal parliament. For instance, some of the more experienced NDP politicians that were elected include Romeo Saganash, a former deputy grand chief of the Grand Council of the Crees, Francoise Boivin, an ex-Liberal politician; and Helene Laverdiere, a Department of Foreign Affairs diplomat. Thus, there definitely will be some balance within the elected Members of Parliament.

In conclusion, as this Canadian election proved, students do really have a plethora of opportunities when it comes to interesting careers.

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