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Writing a professional resume doesn't have to be challenging when you're lacking work experience. In fact, you can impress potential employers with the unique experiences you have, as well as your training and education. Learn how to present your skills and qualifications with a resume format that shows hiring managers you're creative and innovative.

Provide a Summary Statement

While many professionals choose to forego a summary statement, when you lack significant work experience, this statement helps to define your goals and objectives. Provide a statement that sums up who you are and plan to be in the professional world. The key to a good summary statement is to offer information that intrigues the hiring manager and prompts him to continue reading your professional resume. You want to catch his attention in a good way.

Choose a Striking Format

You don't have to stick with a standard resume format that's text heavy, especially when you lack work experience. Instead, opt for a format that highlights your skills and achievements versus a bulleted log of your employers. While a chronological format is often the norm, you can dress up your professional resume by including sections on your education and training as well as your achievements and recognitions before work experience. Remain consistent with your formatting throughout so the document looks clean and professional.

Focus on Technical Details

A professional resume that's riddled with grammar, punctuation and spelling errors is bound to wind up in the trash. Make up for your lack of work experience by submitting application materials that are free of errors or inconsistencies. Comb through the document prior to submitting it to an employer and enlist the help of your mentors to review the details you include. Vary your language so the wording doesn't seem repetitive and review the document for inconsistencies with design.

Showcase Your Achievements

When you lack work experience, fill your resume with the best of what you have to offer. Include a section that details your collegiate awards, recognitions from previous employers and educational endeavors. If you traveled abroad to study in college, note what you accomplished while expanding your horizons. If you were awarded "employee of the month" at your previous job, include this information. Employers are seeking candidates who go above and beyond. Show that you are the best fit for the position, even if you don't have the required work experience, when compiling your professional resume.

Ensure your application materials and professional resume become a top priority for hiring managers by highlighting your successes in other endeavors. Showcase your volunteer work, outline your achievements in academia and include a category for your technical proficiencies so these accomplishments overshadow your lack of work experience.

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