Online Hospitality Schools Cater to Working Professionals

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If you’re already working in the hospitality industry and seek a promotion to manager or assistant manager, you might consider furthering your formal education online. Many online programs offer the credentials needed to advance your career.

The San Diego State University L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality Tourism Management is one of the best in the nation. SDSU has begun accepting applications for its new Master of Science Degree Program in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Ideal for mid-level managers eager to move up in their careers, the program is based on proven, real-world techniques and delivered by a highly experienced and expert faculty. It was developed with the help of major companies in the industry. Designed for working professionals, most of the 13-month curriculum is delivered online. 


In SDSU’s demanding programs, students soon come to realize that a hospitality career is more than just serving drinks in exotic locales, but about running a successful business. SDSU’s hospitality school has successfully placed many graduates into management-level positions. 


One of SDSU’s hospitality programs calls for students to complete about 2,000 hours of work in the industry. Specializations include travel and tourism, restaurant management, resort management, hotel management, event planning and catering. If you have your eye on a management post, you may have to do some on-the-job training to get the hotel or resort specific knowledge.  

While the hospitality industry has seen a downturn due to the bad economy, SDSU hospitality students have shown that good jobs can be secured with the right education. For more information about SDSU hospitality programs, email Jeff Campbell at 


Another school to consider is Stratford University. Their online programs are designed for busy working adults. They offer an Online Master of Science in International Hospitality Management, a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management, and an Associate of Applied Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.   


Another option is Sullivan University. It offers an online Hospitality and Restaurant Management program. The Hospitality Management MBA curriculum consists of nine core classes taken on campus or online, and three concentration classes, which are online only.


Still another option is the Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division. It offers a number of programs, including a Bachelor’s Degree Program in Hotel and Restaurant Management; an Event Management Certificate to prepare you to manage events, such as meetings, conferences, weddings, trade shows, and other gatherings; and a Food And Beverage Operations Certificate to manage the customer side of a restaurant, bar or other foodservice establishment. 

As you can see, there are plenty of options available for you to enhance your career through online education. 



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