Retirees Beat Boredom by Turning a Hobby into a Job

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It is said that on a South Sea island, one of the greatest curses that be invoked is: “May you be banished to idleness.”  Among so many people, the lack of meaningful work is a burden that is to be avoided at all costs.


– Large or small, woodworking skills can work for you in retirement.  In our world of pre-fab furniture and pressed wood construction, quality crafted items such as tables and chairs can be very much in demand.  Similarly, smaller items, such as curio shelves and picture frames, might be a winning market.


– The size of your garden will certainly dictate the amount of work you will have to put in to it and the extent of the profit you will get out of it. Organic, homegrown produce is especially sought out in today’s health conscious society that is saturated with genetically modified foods.


– Whether it is doilies, dollies, jewelry making, painting or anything else you can create crafts are a large market for a retiree. An open schedule leads to the opportunity to trek to craft fairs outside of your immediate area. This allows you to make some extra money and satisfy one of the top items on most people’s post-work to-do list, travel.


– Turn your penchant for snapping photos into a money making venture by becoming a freelance photographer after retirement. Take a couple of classes at the adult education center and check out some how to edit photos tutorials on line. Start simple by shooting family portraits and work your way up to weddings where the big money is waiting.


– If you’re the type of person who gets a constant barrage of calls to help someone else with their computer, turn that talent into a part-time career. This works even if you’re more of a designer than the IT type. There is no shortage of people in this world who are stumped when it comes to current technology so why not cash in on it during your free time.


Refuse to let retirement make you feel like you are stuck in a rut. Take the opportunity to turn the hobby you love into the business venture of your dreams. 


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