Same Sex Boss or Opposite Sex - Pros and Cons

Julie Shenkman
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Recent research shows that men prefer working for women more than women do. Most women say male bosses are less likely to succumb to mood swings and that they prefer having a man in charge in the office. Women indicated that male bosses are more authoritative, straight talking and better at making decisions than their female counterparts.
Women often call female bosses catty, untrustworthy and power hungry, but they admit that women are better at delegating tasks and more likely to give workers recognition for a job well done (Amanda Priestly excepted). On the other hand, some women who have female bosses felt they could do a better job at being boss.
In general, women felt that their female bosses excelled at dealing with employees' personal issues while men were better at managing big-picture efforts. Men were seen as being more driven and tougher, or simply more in touch with the overall scope and direction of a business.
A study of 2,000 women conducted by revealed that 63 percent preferred to work under the immediate supervision of a man, while just 37 percent chose a female supervisor. The majority of respondents indicated that women bosses had more mood swings and tended to bring their personal problems to the workplace. In addition, one in six women who report to female supervisors experienced a tension with their boss.
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