Strategies to Make Every Sales Email Count

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Studies show that more than 90 percent of sales emails are discarded without even being opened. Using a few strategies can help your sales emails catch the eyes of your targets and increase your odds of making a sale.

Refer to Customers by Name

It is important to construct sales emails in which you refer to the client by name. Readers often respond positively to seeing their own name in an email, but a general greeting that could be referring to anyone is often overlooked or redirected to the spam or trash folder. Personalizing the greeting with the client's first name grants the illusion that you made the sales email just for him, and this tactic can sway a final decision.

Use a Simple, Engaging Layout

Avoid using blocks of text in a sales email; they make it harder for recipients to read and skim for the central information. Use concise bullet points to explain features instead of complex, winding sentences, and focus on the benefits of what you are selling. Include pictures of the product or images of satisfied customers using your services in the sales emails so that clients can see what you are offering and visualize themselves with your merchandise or quality services.

Strengthen Your Sales Pitch

If a recipient decides to read your sales email in its entirety, you want to ensure that you make a great sales pitch. A poor sales pitch can shut the door on your opportunity of obtaining a sale. Developing a catchy email subheading that sounds fresh, interesting and promising can get more of your sales emails opened. With so many customers searching for savings, cool discounts and juicy promotions are always welcomed by consumers. Offer a small savings for people who sign up for your website or make a purchase within a special time frame to make a great sales pitch more alluring.

Revise Your Emails

Well-designed sales emails can improve sales and drive consumers to explore your website. If you find that the sales emails you are sending are not effective enough, it is important to revise them. Making small changes to your sales email could get it read the next time, and may even motivate the recipient to purchase your company's products and services with less hesitation.

Limit Your Sales Emails

A company must remember to never bombard potential clients with sales emails. If you are sending out sales emails to the same set of contacts every day, you can bet that your endless inquiries are irritating your recipients. Strike a healthy balance between informing your consumers and respecting their time.

Constructing clear and engaging sales emails can improve the sales success of your business a hundredfold. Use a number of simple tactics to improve the quality of your sales emails and you can expect higher sales.


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