Threat of Molly for Teenagers

Julie Shenkman
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Medical professionals must deal with a bevy of issues arising from drug use in the community. Whether those issues are consenting adults overdosing in their own homes or teens and drugs in nightclubs and rave scenes across the country, understanding the threat of the most commonly abused substances is important in medical centers and hospitals across the nation. Teenagers and drugs can be a deadly combination, and the latest incarnation of molly, a pill containing MDMA, is just a small battle in the war on drugs.

Many nurses and doctors are familiar with the drug known as ecstasy, and molly offers a form of the drug's active ingredient that is easy to take and hide due to its small pill form. The drug is popular at electronic music raves and similar events that take place across the nation, bringing teens and drugs together in unsupervised gatherings where drug abuse may well run rampant. The popular drug has gained support from pop culture icons in recent years, with Madonna and Miley Cyrus both singing about molly in top pop singles.

The inebriation and heightened sensitivity created when a teen ingests molly can lead to any number of potentially dangerous situations. It may greatly impair the ability to drive or communicate clearly, and it lowers inhibitions to the point that bad decisions may lead to permanent injuries or even deaths from molly. The euphoric feelings that the drug produces become an even greater threat when teens and drugs mix in social situations. Lowered inhibitions may lead to otherwise undesired physical or sexual contact, and the inability to communicate clearly may prevent teens from refusing such actions.

Addiction is also a very real threat for those who take molly for recreational purposes, and it is the responsibility of healthcare professionals to help educate clients. In areas where teens and drugs are both present, the likelihood of addiction may be more prevalent due to the increased availability and perceived popularity of the drug. Even though four high-profile deaths from molly in the last year have increased awareness of the addictive and dangerous nature of the substance, the drug has gained popularity in recent years. Addiction to the drug causes serious cravings and may lead to criminal or immoral actions. Teens and drugs can be a dangerous combination that results in criminal activities and a lifelong criminal record.

Healthcare professionals deal with many different drug-related incidents daily. When teens and drugs are involved, it could very well be an indicator of other underlying problems. Professionals must take care to fulfill their obligations under both the law and the traditional Hippocratic oath when it comes to helping teens understand the dangers and risks associated with using molly. Understanding these elements gives healthcare professionals the leverage they need to help patients understand how teens and drugs are a dangerous and even deadly combination.


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